President’s Letter – End of Season

Jim Gruettner, President Pasadena Quarterbacks 2017 to 2019Dear Quarterbacks:

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for your support this past season, and, indeed, these past three seasons. It truly has been a priceless experience to serve as president of the Pasadena Quarterbacks, so it is with decidedly mixed feelings that I hang up my cleats. As I said at our last meeting, my only regret was not getting to know, or to know better, more of you. But it is time for another quarterback to call the plays, so I trust all of you will accord Knox Wasley, the Quarterbacks new president, the same loyalty and support you gave me, and for which I forever will be grateful.

2019 was another successful year. Our membership held steady at 91, and so did the continued generosity of our loyal sponsors, which has again enabled us to maintain a strong financial position. Total attendance of 929 (paid) was a notch above last year, but this reflected an additional meeting this year, so our average attendance was down slightly from last year.

Needless to say, we are deeply indebted to Coach Harvey Hyde for the outstanding lineup of speakers these past three years. Much of the Quarterbacks success during this time has been due to his tireless efforts in recruiting our speakers, all of whom said how much they enjoyed their experience and how impressed they were with the Pasadena Quarterbacks. But, like mine, Harvey’s eligibility is up, so we send him off with the Pasadena Quarterbacks version of the Heisman Trophy!

As I have said these past three seasons, please keep in mind that the Quarterbacks sustainability ultimately depends on a steady infusion of new members. So please spread the word among your friends and colleagues. Word-of-mouth remains our most effective advertising. And be sure to bring a guest to one or more of our meetings.

It is also critical to recruit new board members. Although we have been blessed with a core of loyal board members, for whose support I am deeply grateful, we need for more of you to get more involved in whatever way suits your time and interests. Knox would love to hear from you! You may click here to email Knox or call him at (909) 240-3979

It’s your team, and dependent on your continued support to keep intact the long-standing history and success of the Pasadena Quarterbacks—huddling up since 1945!

On behalf of the Board of the Pasadena Quarterbacks, Happy Holidays to all of you and best wishes for the New Year!


Jim Gruettner,
Immediate Past President

“The Quarterly” Magazine Visits Quarterbacks

Jason Olson Pasadena QuarterbacksWhen Jake Olson spoke at the Pasadena Quarterbacks’ October 5, 2018 meeting, San Gabriel Valley’s The Quarterly magazine was there to get to know the blind long snapper from the USC Trojans. Click here to read the article about Olson featured in the Winter 2018 edition; go to page 15.

Quarterbacks’ Brick at Rose Bowl

Did you know that your Pasadena Quarterbacks purchased ‘a brick’ as our contribution to the Rose Bowl upgrade? Here’s what it looks like:


You can check it out in person: The brick is located at Gate “A” (the main south entrance to the stadium), at the northwest corner of the brick garden. Look for the City of Pasadena section. Our brick is in the bottom row, and under the word City.

A fitting tribute to the City, Rose Bowl, and our presence in both.