Time to Join the 2018 Quarterbacks

It’s time to break the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage as it’s less than four weeks until the Quarterbacks first meeting on Friday, August 31st, with USC Head Football Coach Clay Helton. Like last year with Coach Helton, we expect a large turnout for our season kickoff. To help us expedite the ticket lines for this event, we need your cooperation in submitting your membership application and check prior to August 31st. This will avoid any delays in trying to process your meal charge and membership application at the same time.

Click here to download and print the membership application

Details of our first meeting with Coach Helton will follow shortly in a separate email. That email will also include information on how to RSVP for this meeting.

We encourage you to check the website for the current Meeting Schedule and announcements.

For any membership questions, please email Randy Boal or call him on (818) 790-2241.

Quarterbacks’ Brick at Rose Bowl

Did you know that your Pasadena Quarterbacks purchased ‘a brick’ as our contribution to the Rose Bowl upgrade? Here’s what it looks like:


You can check it out in person: The brick is located at Gate “A” (the main south entrance to the stadium), at the northwest corner of the brick garden. Look for the City of Pasadena section. Our brick is in the bottom row, and under the word City.

A fitting tribute to the City, Rose Bowl, and our presence in both.