President’s Letter Welcome to the 2020 Season

Knox Wasley, President Pasadena Quarterbacks

Dear Quarterbacks:

Our 76th year of the Pasadena Quarterback Club will begin on August 28 and end on November 19. Same place and same great food: The University Club.

Obviously, we are subject to the Coronavirus effects, including our members’ health concerns and government rules and regulations. We will just have to adjust.

Speakers who have already accepted our invitations include:
• Mike Bohn, AD at USC – First Meeting on August 28
• Rick George, AD at Colorado University
• Francisco Villar, NCAA Referee (Umpire)
• Los Angeles Rams
• Dedan Brozino, Rose Bowl Operating Committee
• Bobby Owens, Head Coach at Chapman University
• Richard Shearer, CIF Football
• Harvey Hyde will host the USC-UCLA Great Rivalry Week discussion

Other efforts to get speakers are pending and ongoing. If anyone has a good lead on a potential speaker, please let me know.

All other Pasadena Quarterback Club standards should continue, e.g. the High School coaches and players (thanks to Tony Ortega).

A letter with information about membership fees and registration will be sent to everyone in early April.

Be Well,

Knox Wasley,
President, Pasadena Quarterbacks

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