Past Speakers

In addition to the speakers shown, each week we he invite a local High School Coach and one of his star players and many weeks we also have a Community College Coach too.


  • Clay Helton, Head Coach, USC Trojans
  • Dan Guerrero, UCLA Athletic Director
  • Joe Castiglione, Oklahoma Athletic Director
  • Woodie Dixon, PAC-12 Head of Football, General Counsel & Sr. VP of Business Affairs
  • Brian Xanders, Senior Personnel Executive, Los Angeles Rams
  • Linda Hyde, A Coach’s Wife’s Prospective
  • Sam Baker, USC All-American and NFL All-Star with the Atlanta Falcons
  • Division 2 Football, Victor Santa Cruz, Head Coach, Azusa Pacific
  • Al Luginbill, Arizona State Director of Player Personnel, formerly PCC, ASU, NFL Europe, Arena League
  • Norm Chow, His Accomplishments and New Challenges
  • High School Day – Harvey Hyde, Moderator, Eric Sondheimer, L.A. Times & Fred Robledo, Southern California News Group
  • Dylan Hernandez, L.A. Times Sports Columnist, Laura Farber, President, Pasadena Tournament of Roses
  • The Great Rivalry Week – USC vs. UCLA – Harvey Hyde, moderator, Ben Bolch, UCLA beat writer for the L.A. Times
    Ryan Kartje, USC beat writer for the L.A. Times


  • Clay Helton, Head Coach, USC Trojans

    Jake Olson, blind long snapper for USC Trojans

  • Rose Bowl Day – The Grandaddy of Them All – Two panelists from the Rose Bowl Stadium; Harvey Hyde, Moderator
  • Terry Tumey, Athletic Director, Fresno State Bulldogs
  • Pat Chun, Athletic Director Washington State University; Matt Chazanow and Alex Brink, Cougar radio personalities
  • Michael Lombardi, National Football Analyst, College & NFL
  • Jake Olson, blind long snapper for USC Trojans
  • Tony Pastoors, Vice President, Football & Business Administration, Los Angeles Rams
  • The NFL with Sam Farmer, L.A. Times Sports Columnist
  • Mark Harlan, Athletic Director, Utah Utes
  • Inside College Football — two unique viewpoints from two 5-stars: Brandon Hancock (USC) & Chris Rix (Florida State); Harvey Hyde, moderator
  • Dylan Hernandez, L.A. Times Sports Columnist
  • The Great Rivalry Preview – USC vs. UCLA, Harvey Hyde, moderator, Ben Bolch, UCLA beat writer for the L.A. TimesJoey Kaufman, USC beat writer for the Pasadena Star-News
Clay Helton, USC Heac Coach, Jim Gruettner, Quarterbacks President

Clay Helton, Head Coach, USC and Jim Gruettner, Quarterbacks President


  • Clay Helton, Head Coach, USC Trojans
  • John Spanos, President, Football Operations, Los Angeles Chargers
  • Kevin Demoff, COO & Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Los Angeles Rams
  • Rob Wigod, CIF Commissioner, Southern Section
  • Rocky Seto, Former Player and Assistant Coach at USC; Past Defensive Coach Seattle Seahawks; Pastoral Minister
  • Roman Phifer, former Bruin Player and Director, Player Development, UCLA Bruins
  • Sam Cunningham, USC All-American, Rose Bowl MVP and Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame
  • Keith Jackson, Legendary Announcer of College Football
  • Mike Pereira, Rules Analyst, Fox Sports and former President of NFL Referees
  • Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times Sports Columnist
  • David Eads, Executive Director, Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association
  • The Great Rivalry Week – USC vs. UCLA, Harvey Hyde, moderator; Zach Helfand (USC) & Ben Bolch (UCLA), beat writers for the Los Angeles Times


  • Fred Claire, former General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Tina Kunzer-Murphy, UNLV Athletic Director
  • Daryl Gross, former USC Assistant AD and Syracuse AD; current Cal State Executive Director for Athletics
  • Norm Chow, former University of Hawaii Head Coach
  • Mike Lansford, former Los Angeles Rams Placekicker
  • Richard Brehaut, former UCLA Quarterback
  • Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times beat-writer for the Los Angeles Rams
  • Chuck White, PA voice at the Rose Bowl and Pauley Pavilion
  • Clay Helton, USC Head Football Coach
  • Mike Lombardi, FOX Broadcaster for the NFL
  • Josh Lewin, New Football and Basketball Voice of the UCLA Bruins
  • Rivalry Week Forum: Rob Hertel (USC), former Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback and John Sciarra (UCLA), former Philadelphia Eagles Safety; Harvey Hyde, moderator


  • Dan Guerrero, UCLA, Athletic Director
  • John “J.K.” McKay, USC Senior Assistant Athletic Director
  • Bill Roth, UCLA, new Voice of the Bruins
  • John JJ Jackson, USC wide receiver and broadcaster
  • Lindsey Thiry, L.A. Times and Fox Sports
  • Damon Huard, University of Washington and NFL quarterback
  • Leigh Steinberg, Sports Super Agent
  • Donn Moomaw, UCLA, center and linebacker
  • John Robinson, USC and Rams head coach
  • George Kunz, University of Notre Dame and NFL offensive lineman
  • Tommy Hawkins, Notre Dame basketball player, and KNBC Channel 4 Sports and Dodger executive
  • Rivalry Week Forum: Wayne Cook (UCLA) and Keith Rivers (USC); Harvey Hyde, moderator


  • Roger Owens, The Peanut Man from Dodger Stadium
  • Leigh Steinberg, super-agent and owner of Steinberg Sports
  • Chris Roberts, UCLA
  • Dr. Art Bartner, USC
  • Chris Foster, Los Angeles Times
  • John Robinson, USC
  • Willie Lowery, USC
  • Geoff Strand, UCLA and Anthony White, Utah
  • Willie Tuitama, University of Arizona
  • John Papadakis and Sam Cunningham on “The Turning of the Tide”
  • Pat Barnes, University of California, Berkeley
  • Rivalry week: Brad Otton (USC) and Patrick Cowan (UCLA), Harvey Hyde, moderator


  • John Robinson, Los Angeles Rams and USC
  • Cory Paus, UCLA
  • Mike Willman, Santa Anita Racetrack Director of Publicity and Vann Belvoi, Trainer
  • Fred Fimbres, Pasadena City College
  • Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times
  • David Allen, UCLA
  • Doug Semones, Occidental College
  • Scott Jacobson, USC
  • William B. Flinn, Tournament of Roses
  • Reggie Berry, San Diego Chargers and Long Beach State
  • Rivalry week: Cory Paus, (UCLA) and Shane Foley (USC)


  • Mike Willman, Director of Publicity, Santa Anita Racetrack and Eddie Delahoussaye, Hall of Fame Jockey
  • Darryl Dunn, Rose Bowl General Manager
  • Bill Redell, Head Football Coach Occidental College
  • Fred Fimbres, Pasadena City College
  • Mike Ghobrial, UCLA
  • Kevin Ash, Chief Administrative Officer Rose Bowl Game
  • Steve Harvey, Los Angeles Times
  • Scott Jacobson, USC
  • Rivalry week: Shane Foley (USC) and Mike Seidman (UCLA)


  • Darryl Dunn, Rose Bowl General Manager Jason Gonella and Cory Paus (UCLA)
  • John Baxter, USC
  • Steve Ramirez, Pasadena Star News
  • Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
  • Fred Fimbres, Pasadena City College
  • Cornelius Harrell, President of California Tide Adult Football League
  • Libby Evans Wright, Pasadena Tournament of Roses.
  • Justin Watson, St. Louis Rams
  • Steve Harvey, USC, Los Angeles Times
  • Rivalry week: Cory Paus, (UCLA) and Shane Foley (USC) moderated by Harvey Hyde


  • Ed Orgeron, USC, University of Mississippi; Father Lawrence Seyer, USC
  • Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
  • Sam “Bam” Cunningham, USC, New England Patriots
  • Bob Schloredt, University of Washington
  • Kermit Alexander, UCLA
  • Garry Paskwietz, USC
  • Hal Bedsole, USC; Minnesota Vikings
  • J.J. (John) Jackson, USC, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears
  • “A Tribute to Jim Brownfield”, Former Muir High School Football and Track Coach
  • Kevin Arbet, USC; Buccaneers
  • John Sciarra, UCLA


  • Jeff Schemmel, San Diego State University
  • Casey Clausen, University of Tennessee
  • Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
  • Tony Corrente, NFL
  • Petros Papadakis, PAC 10 College Football Analyst, Fox Sports & Fox Sports Radio, KLAC
  • Tim Lavin, USC
  • Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times
  • Bruce Feldman, ESPN The Magazine  and Lonnie White VERSUS Television
  • Chris Huston, The Heisman Pundit
  • Mike Martz, St. Louis Rams
  • Bob Bowlsby, Stanford
  • USC Trojans Football Craig Fertig Tribute


  • Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
  • Ohio State Football
  • Charles White, USC
  • Fresno State Football
  • Rivalry week: Chris Roberts (UCLA) and Hal Bedsole (USC)


  • Pete Carroll, USC
  • Sam “Bam” Cunningham, USC, New England Patriot
  • Fred Hill, USC, Baltimore Colts, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Tom Kelly, former USC Broadcaster
  • Karl Dorrell, UCLA
  • Kermit Alexander, UCLA. 49ers, Rams, Eagles
  • Craig Fertig, Oregon State, USC
  • David Baker, Commissioner of the Arena Football League
  • Frank Kush, Arizona State University
  • Mike Garrett, USC
  • Rivalry week: Chris Roberts (UCLA) and Hal Bedsole (USC)


  • Pete Carroll, USC
  • Karl Dorrell, UCLA
  • Ronnie Lott, USC, 49ers
  • Anthony Davis, USC
  • Darryl Dunn, Rose Bowl GM
  • Inger Miller, Olympic medal winning runner 
  • “Anaheim Arsenal” new Basketball Franchise Coach
  • John Sciarra Sr., UCLA, NFL Pro
  • Tim Floyd, USC
  • Adrian Young, USC, NFL
  • Rivalry week: USC vs. UCLA


  • Pete Carroll, USC
  • Merv Johnson, Oklahoma Football Color Analyst, Lonnie White, Los Angeles Times and Bruce Feldman, ESPN
  • Karl Dorrell, UCLA
  • Greg Lewis, University of Washington
  • ‘The Franchise’ Lee Hamilton, XTRA 570
  • Nick Bakay, NFL Films and ESPN Monday Night Football
  • Rodney Peete, Best Damned Sports Show
  • David Baker, Arena Football Commissioner
  • Dr. Myles Brand, NCAA President and Lisa Love, Arizona State University
  • Pat Hill, Fresno State
  • Rivalry week: Craig Fertig (USC) and Matt Stevens (UCLA), moderated by Harvey Hyde


  • Jim Hill and Eric Dickerson, CBS Sports
  • Los Angeles Times National College Football Preview
  • Gil Brandt, Dallas Cowboys
  • Karl Dorrell, UCLA
  • Tom Craft, San Diego State University
  • Tom Hansen, PAC-10
  • NFL Today
  • Todd Turner, University of  Washington
  • Bill Walsh, NFL
  • PAC-10 Bowl Games Preview
  • Salute to the Heisman
  • Pete Carroll, USC
  • UCLA vs USC Salute